Pay Debts or Buy Preps: Which is Better?

Pay Debts or Buy Preps: Which is Better?

Pay Debts or Buy Preps Which is Better

I jumped all over this article when I first saw it. If you’re like me, you battle yourself every payday: do I pay debts or buy preps? It can be a real struggle and make you frustrated to the point of wanting to give up on the whole thing. The worst choice you can make is putting yourself into debt by buying preps! That goes against the whole idea of being prepared.

It’s a balance that is not always easy to achieve but it can be done. Don’t let the overwhelming panic most new preppers feel take over and make you spend money you don’t have. It isn’t the stuff that is important anyway, it’s the skills!

There are many things you can do to be prepared that honestly don’t cost a thing and sometimes can even make you money – that you can spend on preps! Consider downsizing your clutter and selling some stuff off for extra money. Not only do you have less stuff to deal with, you have money to buy things that will help you and your family survive after a disaster!

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