Grow Corn with the Hill Method

Grow Corn with the Hill Method

Growing Corn Using the Hill Method

So, you want to grow corn. You have read all sorts of methods, including the three sisters one that was used by the Native Americans but for whatever reason, it won’t work for your garden, soil, or situation. Don’t give up hope! There is another way to grow delicious corn by using the hill method.

This method of growing corn uses less space, can yield larger harvests, and doesn’t get in the way of the rest of your garden! The amount of space corn takes to grow keeps many people from putting in a patch. Using the hill method to grow corn takes away that concern. Not only that, this guide will help you determine the best place to plant to get maximum growth, even if you are completely strapped for space.

Part of homesteading and being prepared is to think outside the box and this is a prime example of doing just that. Stop listing all the reasons why you can’t do something and start accepting the challenges to figure out ways you can do what you want! One of the best parts of being human is our ability to adapt and over come so check the article out and start growing corn today!

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